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Surval Mont-Fleuri SA

56, route de Glion
1820 Montreux
Waadt / Schweiz
+41 21 966 16 16 
+41 21 966 16 17 
Internat für Mädchen
(75 Plätze)
Beschreibung des Internats:
Languages and Finishing Section
Explore the wonderful world of languages and be on your way to mastering French or English with our intensive French or English lessons. Engage in 18 lessons given per week every morning with the opportunity to add optional additional language conversation and study in the afternoon. Other stimulating afternoon optional classes such as Cooking, Etiquette, Ceramics, Painting, Photography, History of Art, Computer, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Business courses, etc., are available for you to take as well.
High School Section - from 9th to 12th grade
Individual attention, diverse studies, and worldwide perspective highlight Surval’s High School Program. This is an international academic program, taught in English, and based on the American High School system. It is designed for young women who wish to gain multinational exposure to gain an advantage when applying to universities throughout the world.
Close proximity to international organizations and companies allows for real life education with class trips throughout the year. Many students also continue their studies in the Surval Mont-Fleuri Women´s College to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA).
Surval Mont-Fleuri’s High School Program is fully accredited by the North Central Association, Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, in the United States.
Bachelor of Business Administration
Featuring a diverse and experience rich faculty, the Surval Mont-Fleuri Women´s College gives young women the possibility to earn a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in 6 semesters (2 or 3 years). It is a one of a kind unique program in Europe.
Continued language studies, guest lecturers from global leaders such as Nestle and Phillip Morris, visits to world renowned jewelers, as well as an opportunity to engage in business etiquette, global behavior, and fashion classes, create a unique opportunity for young women.
The Surval Mont-Fleuri Women’s College is fully accredited by The Council on Occupational Education in the United States.
Graduates from Surval Mont-Fleuri Women’s College have gone on to develop their own businesses, continue their education with graduate studies, worked for companies worldwide, and contributed to their family’s business.
Examination Preparation: Alliance Française - Cambridge - TOEFL - SAT, etc.
The "IVP Higher Certificate in Finishing"® course
The curriculum in the field of International Etiquette and Protocol is constantly updated and truly multicultural. Classes are given with question and answer sessions, role playing and a wealth of illustrated (multimedia) examples. The experience the IVP staff has acquired in this field also helps to clarify many points and explain the evolution in these over the years.
A good balance between theory and practical experience is provided so that the students enjoy and fully participate in their chosen programme of studies.
The classes are taught in English and support materials are provided in the form of study manuals and textbooks created by IVP.
The full course leading up to the IVP Higher Certificate in Finishing® is spread over 3 terms and as the course content taught is different each term, and not subordinated to that learned the previous term, it is possible to enrol in October or in January.
Students must be at least 16 years old and there is no upper age limit.
Zur Internatsberatung
Universitäre Hochschule
Established in 1961, Surval Mont-Fleuri is an exclusive international boarding school for 75 girls from 14 to 25 years old. Located one hour from Geneva, above the international destination city of Montreux, it offers a peaceful, tranquil environment with spectacular views of the Alps and pristine Lake Geneva. With educational choices of languages, finishing, high school, and Bachelor programs, it is the ideal place for the pursuit of stimulating studies suitable for the personal and professional aspirations of today’s young ladies.

Students benefit from individual, personal attention due to our small class sizes and low student to teacher ratio. They also benefit from a broad multicultural experience in that they learn how to interact with other students from all around the world.
Courses are given by an experienced, dedicated, and multicultural teaching faculty who are motivated to bring out the best of our students and prepare them for their future. Classes are held in modern, well appointed classrooms which offer multimedia tools, laptops, and an electronic presentation board.
Students are accommodated in comfortable rooms with 2 or 3 students per room. A limited number of private rooms are available upon availability. Each room is accompanied with its own shower, toilet, phone, wireless Internet, and TV connection, for a true home away from home.
We offer excellent wellness and sport facilities to enhance their bodies as well as their minds. These facilities include exercise gym, hot tub, steam room, sauna, tennis court, and aerobics room.
When it is time to relax, Surval offers students a comfortable lounge with flat screen television, home cinema, piano, karaoke, and more. Once classes are completed, students with permission may take a shuttle bus to Montreux and enjoy restaurants, movies, shopping, a lakeside walk, and more.
With convenient, safe, and reliable train service, students may easily explore other areas close by such as Lausanne, Geneva, as well as destinations outside of Switzerland such as Paris, Milan, and Rome.
Herr Jean-Pierre Fauquex
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